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Claw Couplings for Compressed Air

Zeichnung Klauenkupplungen

Worldwide distributed coupling system for compressed air applications in construction and industry.

  • – High-quality and very sturdy materials (modular graphite cast iron,
  • forged brass)
  • – Quick and easy handling
  • – Very high safety through the use of hose couplings with locking nut
  • and safety collar

Water Fittings

Zeichnung Schlauchklemmen und -schellen

First-class couplings, spray nozzles and discharge valves for applications with water.

  • – Reliable, absolutely leak-proof and durable hose couplings with
  • adjusting ring for the highest possible safety
  • – Versatile: couplings made of pressed brass for standard applications
  • and chrome steel couplings for critical media and use in the
  • chemical industry, food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical
  • industry as well as environmental protection areas

Hose Clamps

Zeichnung Schlauchklemmen

Proven installation since decades in a variety of applications.

  • – Hose-friendly, safe and quick solutions
  • – Assembly and disassembly in a few minutes (by means of a
  • screwdriver)
  • – Hose clamps made of malleable cast iron and hose clamps
  • made of steel

Mortar Couplings

Zeichnung Mörtelkupplungen

Extremely robust coupling systems for mortar, plaster and screed conveyance on pumps, plastering machines or sprayers.

  • – Best possible operational safety and maximum flow of material
  • from the system outlet
  • – Simple connection of the female and male parts by means
  • of a cam lever
  • – Available in modular graphite cast iron / steel in various sizes with
  • matching accessories

Sandblasting Couplings

Zeichnung Sandstrahlkupplungen

Extremely stable coupling systems for blasting systems and facilities including all mobile blasting machines.

  • – Functioning similar to the classic claw coupling system (but not
  • compatible with them)
  • – Extra safety through retaining screws, automatic retaining clips or
  • locking pins
  • – Available in modular graphite cast iron and nylon with various
  • nozzles and spare parts

Quick Connect Couplings and Screw Connections

Zeichnung Schnellsteckkupplungen und -verschraubungen

High-quality quick connect couplings and connectors for swift supply of compressed air.

  • – Easy to couple with one-handed operation
  • – Interchangeable with standard plug profiles DN 5 and DN 7.2
  • – Different connection types and materials (brass, composite material)
  • including additional accessories

Spiral Hoses and Blow Guns

Zeichnung Spiralschläuche und Abblaspistolen

Spiral hoses and blow guns for flexible supply of compressed air or for quick and thorough cleaning or drying of work surfaces and places.

  • – Spiral hoses made of polyurethane including high-quality
  • quick connect couplings
  • – Spiral hoses return to initial form even after strong deformation
  • due to flexible strong memory
  • – Perfect in combination with the matching blow guns or valves
  • (made of aluminum or plastic)

Ball Valves and other Valves

Zeichnung Kugelhähne und Ventile

Classic shut-off valves for various piping systems and different applications.

  • – Durable, robust and reliableg
  • – Maintenance-free, easy to switch, multifunctional
  • – Single ball valves, three-way ball valves and mini ball valves
  • made of brass

Ball Valves and other Valves

Zeichnung Schlauchverbinder

Hose menders and connecting fittings made of steel/ malleable iron