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Company Sales / Customer Service

Company History

Our company was founded in the early 1950’s. We originally manufactured tempered cast iron articles according to customer’s specifications. We were fortunate to have a large customer who placed all his requirements for Claw-couplings with our company right from the outset of manufacturing. At this time, of course, we only manufactured the cast articles and were not involved in the sale of the finished coupling.

Competition between the many foundries’ in the Velbert area, and the offer in 1978 from our Claw-coupling customer that we also market the couplings, led to our company’s owner, Mr. Ulrich Muellenbach, ending manufacture of the couplings ourselves and concentrating on sales of the finished articles. Muellenbach-Armaturen GmbH was born.

At the beginning of our sales activities, our article programme was relatively small, however, due to the requirements and wishes of an ever-increasing number of customers, the programme grew into a broad spectrum of articles for this specific branch. In 1999, Mr. Muellenbach decided to pass the company onto younger hands, and sold the company to our current director, Mr. Frank Thomas, on 01.01.2000.

Due to Mr. Thomas’ extensive experience within the market, it was company policy from the very beginning, to find competent partners who could externally rationalise current manufacturing within our company without reducing the quality of our products and service. The selected partner companies are closely integrated with our company in order to secure a long-term availability of stocked items.

It is our continual task, to remain informed of market changes in order that we can provide customers with current products at the best possible price. In 2001, we also acquired our certification for Quality Management and further secured long-term contracts with suppliers of raw materials. The flexibility within our manufacturing process enables us to act upon customers’ requirements, wishes and improvement suggestions without decision-making delays apparent in many larger companies.

It is not to be forgotten, that our customers are the most important people in our company and therefore we are committed to further improving our programme and service in order to remain a partner you can rely on.